Brook Park envisions a safe and nurturing environment where all students discover, develop, and enjoy their unique talents and abilities as they strive to reach their academic potential. In this cooperative atmosphere, the school and community will work together to develop productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

At Brook Park School of Environmental Studies we believe that:

  • The study of the environmental sciences are conducive to powerful learning, and that increasing the presence of hands-on experiences with “real-world” science in all subjects will increase motivation, relevance and achievement for our students, as well as foster the natural curiosity in the world around them.
  • Environmental Education will develop in our students a love and respect for nature through outdoor experiences.
  • Project Approach learning will be the core process for which our students will develop critical thinking skills necessary to be life long problem solvers for the environment.
  • Students will recognize their role and responsibility to themselves, their neighbors, and become stewards of this world around them.
  • Core curriculum based on the award winning Indiana State Standards and National Standards is best taught through Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop and a balanced math program.