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November 7th, 2014
Miss Melanie Baugh from Arts for Learning, the Indiana affiliate for Young Audiences, has been helping students in grades three through five at Brook Park School of Environmental Studies create their very own compost containers complete with worms and food scraps!  She explained to students that over 750 billion pounds of yard and food scraps go to our landfills every year and we need to scale down on our garbage or we will run out of places to put it!     Students used shredded paper, empty food containers, food scraps (fruits and veggies) left over from their lunches, cardboard from our computer paper and shipping boxes, and red wiggler worms.       
The students were very engaged in the project and some even named their worms!     This is one of three programs through Arts for Learning that Mrs. Barnes, school principal, arranged for Brook Park students.       Other programs included a story teller who came to see the students and tell them an environmental story, and the last will be a song writer who will come and help the students write an environmental song.