Parent Resources



Please remember to call the school office at 964-4100 each day that your student is absent. Homework requests must also be made through the office before 9:00a.m. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent Involvement

The Brook Park Family believes that the involvement of parents in their children's education is vital, therefore the school stresses a parent-teacher team approach. Parents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of school life. Parent volunteers play an important part in our school environment. Please take some time to review the revised district wide Safety Letter that will inform you of all of the changes that are going on throughout the entire district for the safety of all of our children and staff.

Contact Information

Please be sure that your child's teacher always has current contact information for family members and/or guardians. If there is an emergency, the school must be able to quickly contact all families.


Some families/guardians drive their child(ren) to school each morning. We ask that adults follow our school procedures for car riders. Please remain in the car line, as we want all of our students to remain safely in their cars until they are close to the door. For those parents who choose to walk their child(ren) to the door, please be sure that you walk them all the way to the door and not release them from your car to walk to the doors unsupervised. Again, we want all of our students to be safe at all times. If your child is tardy, please be sure to walk your child in the building and take them into the office to be signed in.

Classroom Visits

We welcome you to visit your child's classroom. Because our classroom teachers are working with our students on their academics, pre-arranged classroom visits by parents are encouraged and welcomed. Also, for your child's safety and education, we cannot allow parents to walk into the classroom unexpectedly. Classroom visits must be prearranged with the teacher and they will inform the office of your scheduled visiting time and date. Thank you for your support in providing a safe environment for our children.

Lunch Time Visits

We also welcome parents to come and eat lunch with their student. Parents may either eat hot lunch from the cafeteria or bring a sack lunch from home. A lunch reservation is required by 9:00 a.m. Please call the office at 964-4100 to schedule your visit. Also, please do not bring in food from a restaurant for you and your child.


All visitors must sign in at the office and wear a guest or volunteer badge. (see the attached Safety Letter)