Alerts: Jul 23, 2021
The MSD of Lawrence Township has closed the LECC-based Welcome Center in favor of a more invitational, school-based approach to enrollment. VIEW DETAILS

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach
D3 Denotes D3 Team Lead

Office Staff

Principal - Alicia Gatewood (Contact Alicia Gatewood)
Assistant Principal - Mary Rhodes (Contact Mary Rhodes)
Student Support Specialist - Bradley Schaffer (Contact Bradley Schaffer)
Behavior Support Specialist  - Jimmy Graves (Contact Jimmy Graves)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Raelynn Smith (Contact Raelynn Smith)
Administrative Assistant - Maria Vander Vloedt (Contact Maria Vander Vloedt)
Nurse - Rebecca Caban (Contact Rebecca Caban)
Head Custodian - Maria Alessio (Contact Maria Alessio)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Angela Eubank (Contact Angela Eubank)

Special Areas

Art - Destiny Cooper (Contact Destiny Cooper)
Environmentalist - Sonya Schkabla* (Contact Sonya Schkabla*)
Music - Kimberly Hicks (Contact Kimberly Hicks)
Physical Education - Ashley Mays (Contact Ashley Mays)
Naturalist - Russell Harpold (Contact Russell Harpold)
Media Center - Susan Hunnicutt (Contact Susan Hunnicutt)
Intensive Intervention - Cierra Golder (Contact Cierra Golder)

Grade One

Angela Kleindorfer (Contact Angela Kleindorfer )
Christina Garmon - D3 (Contact Christina Garmon - D3)
Laryn Morgan (Contact Laryn Morgan)
Caroline Toran (Contact Caroline Toran)
Andrea Washington - D3 (Contact Andrea Washington - D3)

Grade Two

Jennifer Coons (Contact Jennifer Coons) D3
Takea White-Logwood* (Contact Takea White-Logwood*) D3
Kyndra Garringer (Contact Kyndra Garringer)
Katina Augustus (Contact Katina Augustus)
Nichole Flowers* (Contact Nichole Flowers*)

Grade Three

Jody Canada (Contact Jody Canada)
Kathy Hiland (Contact Kathy Hiland)
Jill Russ (Contact Jill Russ)
Olivia Reel (Contact Olivia Reel)
Kristal Smarelli (Contact Kristal Smarelli)

Grade Four

Jessica Harris, (Contact Jessica Harris,)
Carlisa Mix (Contact Carlisa Mix )
Michelle November-James - D3 (Contact Michelle November-James - D3)
Sabrina Ortiz (Contact Sabrina Ortiz)
Barbara Wright (Contact Barbara Wright)

Grade Five

Stephanie Coleman (Contact Stephanie Coleman)
Mitchell Mosbey (Contact Mitchell Mosbey)
Patricia Wilkins (Contact Patricia Wilkins)

Grade Six

Heather Powell (Contact Heather Powell)
David Siegelin (Contact David Siegelin)
Lauren Olivia Shouse (Contact Lauren Olivia Shouse)
Stephanie Wiese (Contact Stephanie Wiese)

School Resource Staff

English as a New Language - Renee Erler (Contact Renee Erler)
Resource - Alisa Taylor (Contact Alisa Taylor)
Resource - Misty Ackles-Dumas (Contact Misty Ackles-Dumas)
Resource - Abigail Dodge (Contact Abigail Dodge)
Resource - Audrey Johnson (Contact Audrey Johnson)
Resource - Erika Malone (Contact Erika Malone)
School Psychologist - Caitlyn Farris (Contact Caitlyn Farris)
Speech & Language - Veronica Morgan (Contact Veronica Morgan)