Brook Park Elementary

School of Environmental Studies (West Side)
Experience, Protect, Improve

Phone: (317) 964-4100 | Attendance: (317) 964-4105

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach
D3 Denotes D3 Team Lead

Office Staff

Principal - Alicia Gatewood (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Damon Watts (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Danielle Woolard (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant - Maria Vander Vloedt (Contact Me)
Nurse - Rebacca Caban (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Darron Seagraves (Contact Me)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Angela Eubank (Contact Me)

Special Areas

Art - Erika Saunders (Contact Me)
Environmentalist - Sonya Schkabla (Contact Me)
Music - Jennifer Herrmann (Contact Me)
Physical Education - Ashley Mays (Contact Me)
Naturalist - Russell Harpold (Contact Me)

Grade One

Katina Augustus (Contact Me)
Lisa Fisher (Contact Me)
Christina Garmon - D3 (Contact Me)
Rona Henry (Contact Me)
Kathy Hiland (Contact Me)
Andrea Washington (Contact Me)

Grade Two

Jennifer Coons (Contact Me)
Kenyatta Carson (Contact Me)
Angela Kleindorfer (Contact Me)
Olivia Spaulding (Contact Me)
Toiya Smith (Contact Me)

Grade Three

Jody Canada (Contact Me)
Renee Erler (Contact Me)
Nichole Flowers (Contact Me)
Alesia Hill (Contact Me)
Carlisa Mix (Contact Me)

Grade Four

Jennifer Beiers (Contact Me)
Ulysses Coleman (Contact Me)
Michelle November-James (Contact Me)
Barbara Wright (Contact Me)

Grade Five

Kristen Nelson (Contact Me)
Adryan Matteson (Contact Me)
Amanda Smeltzer (Contact Me)
Patricia Wilkins (Contact Me)

Grade Six

Mary Avance - D3 (Contact Me)
Kelvin Heard (Contact Me)
JoAnn Washington (Contact Me)
Takea White-Logwood (Contact Me)
Stephanie Wiese (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Behavioral Mentor - Antoine Wynne (Contact Me)
English as a New Language - Katie Kurtz (Contact Me)
Resource - Alisa Taylor (Contact Me)
Resource - Misty Ackles-Dumas (Contact Me)
Resource - Carey Obye (Contact Me)
Resource - Katy Meier (Contact Me)
Resource - Audrey Johnson (Contact Me)
Speech & Language - Katherine Hingst (Contact Me)
Media Center - Susan Hunnicutt (Contact Me)